Terms of services

In order to perform a p2p operation using our service, you need to follow the following rules:


1. Select the exchange direction you are interested in and click the Exchange link.

2. In the opened form fill in all the fields. Be sure to include reliable information in all fields. In case of non-compliance with this condition, the service reserves the right to refuse the exchange and return the money paid by the user, minus all transaction fees. When filling in the form, pay attention to the total line. In it, you can see the amount to be paid, including all commissions.

3. After clicking the Exchange button, You will see Your application on the exchange. If at this stage you notice an inaccuracy in the details or amount, go back to the previous page and make the necessary adjustments to the details of the exchange request.

4. Please note that the request is recorded at the current exchange rate and is also executed according to it, if the payment was received within 20 minutes after creation. The request is canceled if the payment does not arrive at the specified time. In case of payment after this period, the service reserves the right to complete the application at the new exchange rate, which is agreed upon at the time of the client's request to restore the application, or to return the funds to the sender minus the payment system fees. In the case of payment of cryptocurrency by the client within the scheduled time frame, the payment time is the payment completion, and not the arrival of the 1st confirmation.

5. After that, depending on the exchange direction, you will either be redirected to the merchant of the payment system for payment for automatic and semi-automatic exchanges, or you will receive the details to which you need to make a payment for manual exchange directions.

6. After receiving the payment, you will receive the currency requested for the exchange. This usually takes from 2 to 30 minutes during business hours. In rare cases, the exchange may take up to 24 hours due to any technical problems.

7. Upon completion of the exchange, you will receive an email with a report on the exchange operation.

8. cryptocurrency exchange Operations take place only after receiving the 1st confirmation for Bitcoin and the 2nd confirmation for Ethereum

9. Transfers in the bitcoin system can be in the "Unconfirmed transaction" state for a long time. Most often, this is due to the fact that one of the operations does not take a long time. According to the rules of the Bitcoin network, such a problematic transfer is attached to another block and then proceeds according to the standard procedure. If this does not happen, the funds will be returned to the sender within 1-7 days. Unfortunately, our exchange service cannot affect the processing speed of such transfers in any way. If such payment is delayed for a long time, then after it is credited or returned to the sender, the situation with the request will be resolved by completing it or canceling it with the return of all monetary obligations of each of the parties.

10. any exchange operations may be suspended for additional security checks of both our service And Banks with Payment systems. The systematic creation of outstanding applications is regarded as a malicious action in the direction of the service. Access to the services of the service may be restricted or prohibited.

11. the Service has the right to request verification of any user and their payment data. The administration has the right to request verification of any identity documents, as well as a photo with the document in hand.

IMPORTANT! We do not publish our accounts for accepting funds from customers anywhere! The exchange is conducted only through the website! Do not fall for the tricks of scammers.

The service prohibits exchanges to accounts of 3 persons. We are not responsible for the actions of these individuals after receiving funds from our exchange service. Perform operations only with wallets and accounts that you have full access to.

If you have any questions at any stage of interaction with our service, please contact our operator in the online help chat. They will answer all your questions and help you with our service.

Service schedule: around the Clock. Thank you for reading the rules!